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Robert Corre

​After a rewarding twenty-five year career at New York University's Stern School of Business, Robert retired in 1995 and turned Astrology, his then-avocation of almost twenty-five years, into a second career. Robert practices in New York City and carries on the helping tradition of his teacher, the late Zoltan Mason. He lectures internationally and continues the teacher-student tradition, giving seven classes weekly, twice locally and five times live over the Internet. 

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  1. Why are Sun Signs or the Sun’s position in the natal horoscope important and what can that tell us?

    “Ah, the Sun, it is the Lyre of Orpheus, it makes everything move, feel, attract, it makes the stones eloquent “.  
    Théodore Rousseau (1812– 1867)

    On the nature of the Sun
    The Sun is reason. Its basic nature is volition; it is the will both to organize and to resist the forces of nature. It is by definition discipline, that heavenly force which creates order out of chaos. It is the Sun sign that becomes ever more important as we advance in age in helping us achieve set goals long term. 

    Yet to look at the Sun alone would be to view it out of context. Its fundamental value is to unify life, to satisfy the needs, the hunger or instinctual cravings of the Moon. “Sol Invictus”, the Invincible Sun is a driving force in us. And it is that force that gives the natural self-control required to do what needs to be done as against what you would like - but perhaps would be inappropriate - to do in a given circumstance.
    Of itself, the Sun is the strongest expression of self-awareness, the experience that “I am”, “I exist”. To rule over yourself, to manage your own life, to be self-reliant, to be independent requires that the Sun to be strongly emphasized in a horoscope. 
  2. What is the essence of the Sign of Virgo?
    The Sun Virgo is markedly different than the Ascendant in Virgo. The Sun posited in Virgo brings a possibility of leadership to a sign that is naturally a servant. Its essence is discrimination, seeing and using details. 
  3. What is the best and strongest quality of the sign of Virgo?
    As an earth sign, it is practical and serious in expression but lacks a sense of direction as you would have in the cardinal Capricorn. And though it does not have the heaviness of Taurus, it appears very fixed as it holds on.
  4. What is the weakness of the sign of Virgo?
    As with any sign, its strength is also its weakness when carried too far. Simply place the word ‘over’ in front of any Cancerian attribute and one can glimpse the problem, e.g., oversensitive, overprotective, or overemotional. Cancer’s sensitivity to rejection and its worry of hurting others can incline it to timidity, shyness, and inauthenticity, especially when the Sun is in this sign. Moon Cancer would obviously work better since Cancer’s strengths are utilized in the service of a (lunar) function that requires exactly those traits that Cancer has. The Sun, however, requires traits that are distinctly different from Cancer; thus, its functionality is compromised and inhibited.
    It should be emphasized, however, that a sign’s ‘weakness’ is not so much an inherent property as a consequence of its lack of integration with other parts of the personality. People can express any sign badly – either too much or too little – but that’s not the fault of the sign. Note how I’m being protective of signs!
    The immature Virgo, the unevolved is as dangerous as can be. It is very egotistical, a person who will exploit others in whatever way possible. It does not know the meaning of love or ethics and gives the possibility to be a killer, a person who would buy and sell the flesh of other human beings. It can be heartless, without pity, and even a traitor. It can give the person who is the mercenary, the one without loyalty who can be bought for a price. It can be a whore in every sense of the word.
  5. What have you learned from your Sign?
    As with every sign, you have the extremes. The mature evolved Virgo is a helper of mankind, very patient, excellent worker, a humble person. 
    The sign of Virgo is often underestimated; they are emotional but their feelings are held in check. They are especially helpful to their natural partner, the opposite sign, the highly emotional Pisces.
    The mature Virgo is subservient, be it to others or to the higher, finer forces of nature. They don’t show the ego problems. They are humanity’s natural physician, the one who heals. Virgos individuals are very clean and health conscious. They have a tremendous understanding for animals as trainers and veterinarians. They are also excellent business people.
    Virgos are very serious and well prepared. They – like no other sign - gain or squeeze the most possible experience out of life.  They are the best in using the mind for serious purposes.
  6. What is the Sign(s) you deal the best with and what is the most difficult sign for you and why?
    Leo, Aquarius, and Aries are the 12th, 6th, and 8th signs from Virgo. As Leo is the 12th, Virgo can be heartless. They lack the sense of independence, of the carving for freedom or egalitarianism as seen in the Aquarian, and do not express the qualities of leadership, bravery, or courage seen naturally in Aries. 
  7. What have you learned from other signs?
    In the course of our own development in life, I do think that each sign should be able to learn something from the other eleven signs.
  8. What can other signs learn from the sign of Virgo?
    From the mature Virgo, one can learn patience, humbleness, thoroughness in preparation for life. If you would ask Virgo what would be the most helpful attitude to acquire, it would be not to expect a behavior pattern from a specific sign that that sign cannot give. In that way, no sign will ever disappoint you. You will be able to cooperate with every sign.