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Claude Weiss

​Claude Weiss is an engineer by profession, and has practised astrology for more than 40 years. He is President of Astrodata Ltd. and author of eight astrology books. He is publisher of the astrological magazine Astrologie Heute, and co-president of SFER, a well-known astrology school in Switzerland. Claude has co-organized eight Astrology World Congresses in Switzerland and is president of the Swiss Astrological Association (SAB).

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  1. Why are Sun Signs or the Sun’s position in the natal horoscope important and what can that tell us?
    The Sun’s position is important as the Sun is the center of our consciousness and, in analogy with our heart, the source of our  vitality and our individual life. One important aim of our life is therefore to enable our Sun to shine according to its position in our chart including sign, house and aspects. In its most positive sense this means expressing our potential for freedom and self-realization, an important source of happiness. Although the Sun is often described as a symbol of the Ego, it reaches beyond the Ego and finds in its higher form expression in the Self, which transcends the Ego and connects us with mankind and the divine.
  2. What is the essence of the Sign of Taurus?
    The essence of Taurus is fertility as well as the ability to bring things into form. This sign is very fond of dealing with ideas and intentions, which have found a physical expression and to bring new ideas and concepts into a physically palpable and enjoyable form. The sensual pleasure arising from the contact with the physical manifestations of nature is such, that Taurus  is fond of repetitive processes of nurturing what nature offers as shown by the farmer which grows year by year the same crops on the same soil. This also applies to ideas and values which are brought into form by continued efforts and perseverance.
  3. What is the best and strongest quality of the sign of Taurus?
    Patience, realistic approach to life and truthfulness to oneself.  There is no objective definition of reality and  each element and each sign perceives or constructs a different reality. Taurus perceives reality through the senses what leads to a strong attachment to nature and an identification with its rhythms. This produces common values and a sense of beauty which can be shared by individuals of different cultures and civilizations beyond language and religious barriers. This richness is also of utmost importance in a time of abstract and artificial constructs, which often fail to offer constructive models for individual and collective life. Taurus values are also ecological by definition: to give back to nature what one has taken from nature.
  4. What is the weakness of the sign of Taurus?
    Ask any Aries and the answer is NONE! Setting aside the playfulness of that response allows the explanation of the weaker sides of an Aries or “when an Aries goes bad.” The weaknesses can mount quickly. Just ask any other sign. Immediate action can lead to impulsiveness and not thinking about the consequence of their actions. The “I am” principle can lead to arrogance and a “Ram” like quality of forcing their ways and words on others. This “me first” attitude is a strong part of pure Aries energy; the Aries is here to learn about themselves and how the rest of the world relates to them. It is that attitude which can leave them isolated, alone and quite insecure. Yes, an Aries can be quite insecure if nobody follows them. They are a General with no Army. Charging forward without respect to any other influence can (and often is) to Aries detriment.
    Since Aries is all about initiation, an Aries can easily become distracted and not complete their original task. It’s easy for an Aries to become overloaded and lose priorities. This may be seen by others as unreliable. This lack of empathy or unwillingness to play nice in the sandbox can be a weakness for an Aries. The way out is for the Aries to understand the value and worth of all the other signs. These will gain the respect of others that an Aries can be a good team player.
    Stubbornness and resistance to change. Taurus’ truthfulness to its inner nature can lead to a resistance to adapt to new circumstances and to change habits. Detachment is therefore an important quality, which Taurus should learn to practice, thereby integrating some of the features the opposite sign Scorpio is so good at. Buddha’s example is very helpful for Taurus, as well as Roberto Assagioli’s Mantras: “ I have a body, but I am not this body”, “ I have thoughts but I am not these thoughts” etc.
  5. What have you learned from your Sign?
    Life is enjoyable and fun. It is good to be self-employed, independent and master of your own finances. To achieve this it is worth working hard. To be fair and loyal to others leads to long lasting relationships in the private and in the work-area. It is good to have a vision in life. Taurus may not provide you with such a vision. But it will help you to realistically evaluate it, to give it a form and to put it into practice.
  6. What is the Sign(s) you deal the best with and what is the most difficult sign for you and why?
    In the work area I deal best with Capricorns and Virgo Ascendents. In the private field I have had friendships with nearly all the signs and significant relationships with Gemini and all water signs.
  7. What have you learned from other signs?
    From Capricorns I have learned structure and realistic planning, from Virgo Ascendent to take care of details. Gemini has taught me to approach life from the lighter side and water signs how important the expression of feelings is.
  8. What can other signs learn from the sign of Taurus?
    To be aware of your needs and find ways to have them fulfilled, to be true to your inner nature, to enjoy good food in good company, to enjoy periods of rest in beautiful surroundings in offline mode, to accept that some problems cannot be solved immediately and sometime patience is required, that patience is helpful in “bringing together, what belongs together”.