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Kelley Hunter

Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., C.A.P., has been studying and teaching astrology and mythology over four decades. Her approach to astrology is informed by academic studies in depth psychology, philosophy and cosmology, as well as artistic exploration in various mediums. Author of Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine and Black Moon Lilith, Kelley writes for The International Astrologer and other journals. She is currently Astrologer-in-Residence at Caneel Bay Resort in St. John, Virgin Islands, where she tells star stories under the tropical night sky. Her free Cosmic News e-letter goes around the world on New and Full Moons. See her website: and visit her Facebook page: Kelley Hunter, AstroMythology.

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  1. Why Sun Signs or Sun position in natal horoscope is important and what that can tell us?
    The Sun is our star, the center of the solar system, thus the source of life. The position of the Sun tells us the quality of our life energy, our life purpose and how to reach our full potential in this lifetime. The Sun is like the conductor of the orchestra, who knows the symphony of our life by heart and coordinates the planets so that each one plays its part in the musical score. The Sun resolves both the harmonies and the dissonant notes in the greater scheme. Our Sun sign tells how we shine out into the world, from the core of who we are. It reveals something so essential about ourselves that we can recognize our Sun sign qualities even in simple descriptions of the sign, and we can recognize Sun sign characteristics in others as well. It's a good place to start weaving the meaning of the chart, because the Sun is the center. 
  2. What is the essence of Sign of Sagittarius? 
    This independent fire sign likes to be on the move, in spirit, mind and body. It is a mutable sign, one that is in motion, thirsty for experience in the adventure of life. It is a sad day when its fire is down, but usually you find Sagittarius upbeat and optimistic about life. The Archer is far-sighted, goal-oriented and directed, with strong intuition and free-ranging imagination. Philosopher, gypsy and cheerleader of the zodiac, Sagittarius is a visionary that can inspire others. 
    There is a story about the bear who went over the mountain to see what she could see. She saw another mountain, so she went over that mountain and another, then another. She kept going and going. That is Sagittarius. The esoteric motto for Sagittarius is "I see a goal. I reach that goal and then I see another." Sagittarians sometimes need to remember that it is the journey that gives meaning to our experience, not just reaching the goal. At one time in my life, I couldn't get in a car without knowing where I was going. Sagittarius does not like to driving around aimlessly. Rather it likes speeding on a highway going fast on the open road, or any other methods of speed, like running or riding horses. Sagittarius is the sports sign.
    Sagittarius is also the truth-seeker and the truth-speaker. Sometimes they put their foot in their mouths, by blurting things out, being very direct. Fire signs are resilient, and may forget that other signs can sometimes be hurt or offended by their bluntness. They do look for the meaning of life, what is true for all of humanity, not just a particular culture or religion or gender. This may be why they love to travel the globe, and generally read a lot They like to learn and often pursue university programs and also learn by travel. Sagittarians are big picture people, who enjoy mythology, the "forever," archetypal stories of human experience. Sagittarius is a story-telling sign, sometimes exaggerating things to make it better or to make people laugh. They are upbeat, and look at the bright side of any situation. They are motivators, so they can move things along by directing the action. Personally, I like a story that ends well. Why not?
  3. What is the best thing and strongest quality of sign of Sagittarius? 
    Generally, Sagittarians radiates enthusiasm, optimism and good will. Nothing gets Sagittarius down for too long. They usually have a broad perspective on things and see possibilities and potentials others may not be aware of. They have a visionary imagination that taps into the cosmic mind.
  4. What is the weakness of the sign of Sagittarius?
    Every sign has a dark side. Sagittarians can be arrogant and self-righteousness, with a tendency to think they know what is best for others (though often they are right!). They don't always follow their own guidance and need to "walk their talk." Narrow belief systems, with a fundamentalist attitude of "my way is the right way," can bring out their worst side and even be dangerous to the well being of others. They can talk too much and be moralistic. They can over do things. Thinking, "more is better," can get them in trouble in numerous ways. Also they can be impatient and rude.
  5. What did you learn from your Sign? 
    Core belief systems run our lives. It is important to analyze what these unconscious belief systems are and how they impact our lives, to question them and explore what we truly believe deep in our souls. Sagittarius seeks a vision that opens doors of perception. The universe has more creative imagination than we do, so I have been learning to listen to my intuition that is a trusty companion. When I get discouraged and feel limited by circumstances, I open my eyes and look for a way forward, trying to maintain a positive attitude. 
  6. What is the Sign(s) you deal the best with and what is the heaviest sign for you and why do you think is that? 
    This is a tricky question because of having the most-important Moon and also planets in other signs. Those placements are going to impact our experiences. We each have all of the signs in us, as part of human nature. 
    I like other Sagittarians and tend to get along well with Aquarians, who like freedom and independence as much as my sign. I also like the camaraderie and interplay with Geminis—never a dull moment! Sometimes, though, when they change their minds so frequently, it is hard for me to adjust when I have gotten set in relation to something they said. 
    Aries can be exhilarating, matching fire to my fire, ready to go, but every once in a while that selfish streak drives me nuts (of course I have a selfish streak, too), and as a fire sign I'm OK with following my own direction while Aries does his or her thing.
    In general I find earth signs more difficult than other signs, particularly I often experience Capricorns as too controlled and business-oriented and Taurus too slow for my fast pace. But I have learned to appreciate them. Classically Sagittarius is not supposed to get along with Virgo well. But since I have developed a good working relationship with my two planets in Virgo, I appreciate that earth sign the most and do tend to work well with them. 
    My Moon is in Cancer, so that strong placement gives me an "in" with water signs and a special bond with Cancers. Still it's a continual juggle between my adventurous traveling side and my stay-at-home Cancer Moon. I do have trouble with Cancers if they are depending on me too much or if I feel they are cramping my freedom-loving nature. Scorpios have a secretive side that is so different than the outgoing Sagittarius nature. I get a little nervous around Scorpio sometimes, never quite know what is going on with under that inscrutable exterior, though some few Scorpios do tap into a special part of my own nature in a way no other sign does. 
  7. What did you learn from other signs? 
    Patience is a big learning from earth signs and I honor their basic practicality, common sense and capacity to get things done. Taurus helps me to slow down and calm down, to ground myself and enjoy the simple things in life, like good food. Virgo, as I said above, is a sign I have come to greatly appreciate. The attention to detail they demonstrate can be a little fussy but I love the finesse and nuance Virgo has, as well as its organic sensuality. From Virgos I have learned to take the time to do it right and that "practice makes perfect" (or close enough to it). Capricorn lays out its terms quite clearly, so I know what I'm dealing with. No fuzzy lines with Capricorn! I can do that when I remember how well it works to be organized.  
    Water signs have taught me the ease of turning within and listening to feelings. Pisces has been one of the signs I have had the most trouble understanding. My fiery nature doesn't always take into account their exquisite sensitivity. I have had to learn to be more careful about their feelings and, in the process, my own. I find Pisces rather elusive and dreamy, rather undirected and distractible, such shape shifters. It's hard to get a straight answer sometimes, which can frustrate the direct Sagittarian nature. More than ever these days, I am finding it easier to go with the flow, not needing a specific goal or to know what the plan is. Thank you, Pisces. 
    Sometimes Cancers can tune in to a private place in me that brings me home to myself. I love the sweet personal touch of the Cancer sensitivity. Plus they always feed me, reminding me to take care of myself. Scorpio scorns superficiality, which makes it necessary to come from a deeper place in myself. I appreciate the psychological perception of Scorpio and the daring that is willing to confront the dark side. The resilience of Scorpio to be able to turn dark into light is astonishing and magical. 
    As for the air signs, Gemini has a way of asking seemingly simple questions that make me realize there are other ways of looking at things. We Sagittarians like to have all the answers and sometimes we just don't know. Gemini has also taught me to share more of what I think or know, to give the feedback that Gemini enjoys to keep the conversation going. I love the playfulness in Gemini and its spontaneity. What I have learned from Libra is best illustrated by the Egyptian goddess Ma'at. She holds the scales. On one side she places the feather of truth that she wears in her headdress. On the other side of the scales, she weighs the heart or the soul to see how it balances with the feather. Libra likes to be fair, to listen to another point of view. That is a good lesson for Sagittarius that often thinks it's always right. I like the quality of independence, individuality and personal space that Aquarius cherishes. The biggest learning is the value of friendship and appreciating another person for who they are.
    The other fire signs share the motivation and self-confidence of my sign. Leo can demonstrate great courage in expressing itself and showing up on the stage of life in a fearless, "here-I-am" way. Leo's dramatic flare is greatly enjoyed by the Sag storyteller in me. Of course, I've got Leo Ascendant, so Leos have helped me bring out this side of my Self and enjoy it. I have learned to honor the integrity of Aries and to stand up for my own sense of what is right for me. You can only be who you are. 
  8. What other signs can learn from sign of Sagittarius?
    Keep an open mind. Tell the story of your life in a positive way. If you dwell on the negative, the story doesn't change. Life is an adventure and there really might be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow