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Monica Hable Dimino

Monica Hable Dimino is a practicing professional astrologer working in the greater Boston area since 1988 after spending 30 years abroad. She is a registered nurse with graduate studies in education at NYU, taught at Bellevue School of Nursing, and is a certified Gestalt therapist. She teaches, lectures, and consults internationally in 3 languages, always emphasizing the power of language in translating sky symbols into meaningful information. Her career in astrology spans 50 years.

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  1. Why are Sun Signs or the Sun’s position in the natal horoscope important and what can that tell us?
    Sun signs are important because they tell us about the major gifts of the native. The position in the horoscope highlights the area where this gift will manifest.
  2. What is the essence of the Sign of Gemini?
    The essence of the sign of Gemini is linked to mutable air.  With mutability, it dances with the tune that is played. With air, it is mental. Wherever the mind can go, it can go. It travels comfortably from place to place, rarely feeling a need to land before it morphs into new tunes or spaces. A prevailing curiosity provides a mobility that adapts to ongoing circumstances.
  3. What is the best and strongest quality of the sign of Gemini?
    The best and strongest quality of Gemini is that it rarely has an agenda. This provides detached information, with a great ability to see things as they present themselves, without bias.
  4. What is the weakness of the sign of Gemini?
    Ask any Aries and the answer is NONE! Setting aside the playfulness of that response allows the explanation of the weaker sides of an Aries or “when an Aries goes bad.” The weaknesses can mount quickly. Just ask any other sign. Immediate action can lead to impulsiveness and not thinking about the consequence of their actions. The “I am” principle can lead to arrogance and a “Ram” like quality of forcing their ways and words on others. This “me first” attitude is a strong part of pure Aries energy; the Aries is here to learn about themselves and how the rest of the world relates to them. It is that attitude which can leave them isolated, alone and quite insecure. Yes, an Aries can be quite insecure if nobody follows them. They are a General with no Army. Charging forward without respect to any other influence can (and often is) to Aries detriment.
    Since Aries is all about initiation, an Aries can easily become distracted and not complete their original task. It’s easy for an Aries to become overloaded and lose priorities. This may be seen by others as unreliable. This lack of empathy or unwillingness to play nice in the sandbox can be a weakness for an Aries. The way out is for the Aries to understand the value and worth of all the other signs. These will gain the respect of others that an Aries can be a good team player.
    The weakness of the sign Gemini is information overload.  Without an agenda, Gemini can gather information without discernment, much as a black velvet coat gathers lint.
  5. What have you learned from your Sign?
    Being a Gemini native, I've learned to appreciate the gift of curiosity it bestows.  I can find almost everything interesting because I do not have to have an agenda to see and hear and feel the variety of evidence around me. Navigating new environments and new worlds can be handled comfortably.
  6. What is the Sign(s) you deal the best with and what is the most difficult sign for you and why?
    In true Gemini style, I don't find any sign seriously difficult.  I tend to like the Water signs with their ability to add emotional color to the excessive information gathering of the Gemini experience.  Fire signs invariably lift me out of the flat earth of air detachment. I am probably most puzzled by Capricorn.  Their focused energy, which is invariably there, always takes me by surprise. Others cope well with the notion that they are always aiming at something.  I never seem to remember that! On the other hand, earthy Taurus and Virgo are comfortable companions.
  7. What have you learned from other signs?
    I learned about so many facets of human experience from all the signs.  I know that Aries tends to operate on their own, that Taurus will hang on and persist until ... 
    Cancer is so keenly sensitive regarding the feeling world, they compliment the Gemini world to a T, rounding out their cluttered observations.  I used to wonder about Leo's love and generosity until my Leo son proved that it is real, not just for show.  At age 45, he never slips out of his astrological assignment. I love the discernment of Virgo, the camaraderie of Libra, the mysteries of Scorpio, the optimism of Sagittarius; I respect Capricorn with firm agendas, Aquarius for it's readiness to befriend new worlds, and Pisces, dear, dear Pisces, there aren't enough words to say what I've learned from them.  Must I try?
  8. What can other signs learn from the sign of Gemini?
    What can other signs learn from Gemini? I'm not sure.  Each sign has a niche in the world.  We don't all appreciate the same things in any given sign. I suppose I would like others to see the value of curiosity, an enduring trait that most of us thrive on for a lifetime.