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The Astro News Service was founded in 2010 as a result of the collaborative efforts of several astrological organizations, including ISAR.  ANS is the first and only astrology news service, dedicated to disseminating high standard articles and research in astrology to the news media. Follow the link to find out exciting developments in the field of astrology.

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If you are new to astrology, this section of the ISAR website provides some anecdotal descriptions and interesting information to introduce you to this extraordinary discipline.  To study astrology, please visit the section of this website entitled ISAR Affiliated Schools for a list of astrology programs worldwide that offer high quality astrological education.

Sun Signs

Astrology is a sophisticated tool with which we can learn about ourselves and the world around us.  The skill of interpreting astrology charts takes many years of study and of the practice of integrating many positions and patterns a chart.

Sun signs can be an enjoyable way of  being introduced to astrology. As general as they are, sun sign interpretations can strike a profound note of recognition, a mirror into one’s life purpose. Below is a link to 12 sun sign descriptions written by astrologers in the ISAR community.